About the authors

This CD-ROM is a contribution by HECT Consultancy to the CEPA toolkit. HECT Consultancy is specialized in stakeholder management for sustainable solutions, advising governments, private sector, NGOs and international organizations (www.hect.nl). HECT provides policy and management advice, surveys, training, coaching and practical support for various forms of effective interaction.

(programming and design website/CD-ROM by Peter Paul van Kempen)

Frits Hesselink (Netherlands, 1945) is managing director of HECT Consultancy. He is a former Chair (1994 - 2000) of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. His professional background is International Law, Curriculum Development and Environmental Communication. He is an international expert with extensive experience in managing large scale communication programs, specialised in training and communication for biodiversity conservation, natural resources management and sustainable development.

Wendy Goldstein is a Lecturer in sustainable development, and education for sustainable development to post graduate students in the Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University (www.gse.mq.edu.au), Australia. She was formerly (1992 - 2005) Head of Environmental Education and Communication at IUCN, where she was involved in networking, knowledge management and capacity building for CEPA with the Commission on Education and Communication.

Peter Paul van Kempen founded a Marketing and Communication Consultancy in 1998. After majoring in organisational psychology and environmental management in 1991, Van Kempen worked as a researcher and consultant for different firms on projects in health care, environment and development. Van Kempen Consultancy offers marketing and communication solutions based on sound research, thorough analysis and creative ideas.

Tommy Garnett is Regional Director of the Environmental Foundation for Africa, with programmes in Liberia and Sierra Leone (www.efasl.org.uk/). He has a background in environmental studies. EFA's current work involves conducting environmental awareness and positive action programs in schools and communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Tommy Garnett is also IUCN CEC's regional vice Chair for West Africa.

Jinie Dela is a freelance consultant on the environment, biodiversity and environmental communication, and a Visiting Academic at the Open University of Sri Lanka. A biologist, with a doctoral thesis on primate behaviour, she has long term experience in editing and environmental education, and was formerly Head of IUCN Sri Lanka's Education and Communication Programme.

Andy Alm has a background as an environmental writer and editor. He has worked the past two decades to introduce and improve the use of computer networks for communication and collaboration in conservation and education organizations. His consulting practice is based in Arcata, California, USA.